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Ways of Keeping Yellow Jackets Away from your Home Yellow jackets are in most cases confused with bees, but in the real sense they are not bees You will realize that they do not have the tan-brown hair t found in honey bees. In most parts of the world they are called wasps. The common species are black and yellow. In rare occasions you can get some that are black and white. They also live in colonies just like the honey bees. The female black jackets sting. Although they can fight many other pests from your home, they are also pests themselves. These insects are common during the summer season. Black jackets are fighters and do not search a lot. At the same time of them are outgoing and in the process sting human skin when they meet with people. Keeping away the yellow jackets are not complicated. Open dustbins are very attractive to these insects. Some of the foods that are attractive to these insects are foods with sugar, fruits, and meat. That makes it mandatory to keep dogs food and other foods that are sugary in containers that have seals. Any dog food that is left floating in water will keep the black jacket wasps close to your home. The other thing you need to ensure is that during the warm months, the dog or cat food is not left exposed. That will make sure nothing attracting the insects into your home. The other place where the insects love jamming is the bird’s drinking containers. You need to make sure all those containers are sealed after the birds drink the water. You should prevent the insects from building nests on the side of your roof. They love using such places for their nests. IF they establish their habitation in your house, you may have to contact an expert insect controller to help you. If you can stay without disturbing the nests, during the cold season all the wasps will die and then you can seal the spaces. The only encouraging news is that you do not need money to control the black jacket. You can take it upon yourself to make sure all the containers are sealed that contain anything that can attract these insects into your home. You can also identify the entry points of these insects into your home or the place where they have built their nest. You can deal with them using hot water or soap and pouring it at the entrance or nest. You will have killed all of them with that. You only need to be sure you have covered your skin when you are pouring the water to avoid stinging. You should also ask an expert where you are not confident.What You Should Know About Services This Year

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