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5 Reasons to Do Pet Registration

Owning a dog gives you countless of responsibilities, which is why this is a decision that should be reviewed thoroughly. One thing that’s frequently overlooked by most dog owners however is doing pet registration in their city government and getting them a license. Assuming that your pet doesn’t have a license and they’ve gone missing, your chances of finding them are slim. Aside from that, this puts you in trouble in the eyes of law.

Well, if you are still not persuaded to register your pet, the 5 points that I have discussed in the next paragraphs will certainly change your mind.

Reason number 1. It is the law – in many different states and country even, dog owners are mandated to register their pets. In case that they’re caught that there’s no license for their pet which is likely to happen, the owner has to settle a fine for it.

Reason number 2. Quickly find your dog – if ever your dog has gone missing, then having a license significantly improves your odds of finding it back fast. The license tag is used by animal shelters and control in quickly identifying the dog and bring it back to its owner safe and sound. Say for example that your pet is found wandering the streets, then a rescue organization can look up on it through its license number. Licensed dogs have a tendency to be kept at shelter longer compared to unlicensed dogs.

Reason number 3. Registering dogs are less compared to being caught without it – in the event that a city official has found out that your dog has no license, there is a possibility that you may need to settle a penalty of 250 dollars. What’s more, there are actually some cities that deem such act as class IV misdemeanor.

Reason number 4. Easy identification that your pet is updated on vaccinations – dogs can’t be licensed unless they have proper vaccines. Animal control or good Samaritans are more open in handling and taking care of your pup if they know that it is healthy and at the same time, free from rabies.

Reason number 5. License fees are supporting local animal shelters – as a matter of fact, the amount of money you spend in registering your dog to get a license is not just an expense; believe it or not, part of the fee you pay is going directly to the shelters to keep them running and also, support local animal control. As you do pet registration, the money spent lets you ID your dog, help to feed and house stray dogs on streets and many more benefits, making you proud of your decisions.

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