How I Achieved Maximum Success with Services

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Services

Some Things to Remember When Looking for a Keratoconus Specialist

Keratoconus is from the Greek and Latin words. The kerato would mean cornea as well as conus means cone shaped. This is actually bilateral, asymmetric, progressive non-inflammatory thinning of the cornea which results in a high degree of irregular myopic astigmatism.

You must know that the symptoms would rely on such severity of the disease. The very common symptoms actually include distortion of vision, blurred vision, glare, photophobia, eye irritation and itching, inability to wear the contact lenses and frequent spectacle power changes.

Understand that the cause of the keratoconus would stay unknown, even if such modern research would seem to determine the possible causes including such defect in collagen, the tissue which would make up much of the cornea. You must also know that this is caused by such genetic component and the studies do indicate 8 percent of those patients actually have affected relatives.

In various cases, the keratoconus can be detected through the routine eye exam. However, you must know that the effective treatment of keratoconus would require that special equipment, skills and training. In order to get the most excellent treatment results, you need to find a good eye doctor who is known to be a keratoconus specialist.

The surgical treatment of such keratoconus, including the corneal cross-linking, corneal implant surgery or Intacs and the corneal transplants or the grafts called keratoplasty, must be done with the ophthalmologist’s help.

Follow-up exams and fitting the contact lenses for the keratoconus problems are usually performed by the optometrist. Often, the optometrists and the ophthalmologists would work together to be able to diagnose, monitor and also treat the problem. It is the optometrist who will do the routine exams, the adjustments and such contact lens fittings as well. If such keratoconus would continue to progress or the contact lens wear gets problematic, then the patient typically gets referred to the ophthalmologist who is specializing in the surgical treatment of such keratoconus. Such cooperative approach is known as comanagement of the keratoconus.

A lot of the eye doctors, the ophthalmologists and the optometrists, who do the routine eye exams know of the ODs or the MDs which are near them who are specializing in this. Also, there is such list of eye specialists who specially care for those patients with keratoconus.

When it comes to finding a keratoconus specialist, it is best that you really do your research so that you can really locate the right person who can help you out. You may find a few options which are in your area. It is necessary that you get recommendations from the others which you know have gone to such specialist.

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