The Importance of Legal Aspects in Business

The Importance of Legal Aspects in Business

Business legal and law are important for your business.


There are many important things when establishing a business. As with resources: human resources are about who will carry out business activities, about where and how to manage the business, about where the product will be marketed, about how the methods implemented in all business activities, about deciding the use of machines in the business, about where to get raw materials and how to manage the raw materials, and other important things.


Once the business is ready to run, it is questionable whether the business has paid attention to legal aspects? Because business with the law cannot be separated like a business with other components. In addition to the law contains the terms of rules that can be applied to regulate the relationships between people and between people and society, the business also contains the understanding of the whole business activities undertaken by the person or body regularly and continuously, for example, in the form of activities held goods or services or facilities to be traded, exchanged or leased for the purpose of obtaining profit. Clearwater Business Law can help you to obtain all kinds of information about the law for your business.


Such regularity besides regularity in managing and producing a good product and management within the company, as well as about how the company responds to laws in the community both written and unwritten (implied). The law can be understood as a set of principles and rules imposed by the state to regulate a behavior and or be applied by a judge to resolve cases. Laws are also created to ensure “social stability”. By considering the legal aspects in the business, of course, it is expected also the occurrence of social stability, especially that occur daily in the life of the company.


Adequate attention to the legal aspects of business decision making will bring benefits in addressing, controlling, or controlling any circumstances, so the possibility of emergence of problems, risks or losses in the future can be avoided or minimized. Both problems are internal and external. That is, both the problems that occur between employees with companies and companies with the environment.


Therefore, the need for a legal nature needs to be owned since the beginning. An example for internal purposes is the employment contract awarded to employees. The contract of employment should be written as well and clearly as possible so that any problems that occur are answered by the contract with the legal force. Meanwhile, for those whose interests are external, in this case the external environment, it is necessary to deal with how to avoid disputes between the company and the surrounding environment. And answering the restlessness of the people around him about how the company’s legality is by making the company’s permits as below:


  1. Location Permit

In any business that has a place of business, you must have permission. Yes, Permission is the first business location permit. Why should you have it? Because location permits are a legal means of protection for your business, it is important for every business person to have a business location permit


  1. Business license

Certificate of incorporation from local notary PT / CV or other legal entity, Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Company Registration Letter, Business License from local Government, Certificate of Local Government, Local SIUP, issued by the Regional Office of the Department.


As well as other legal compliance deemed necessary. Preparation of the law in business is complicated at the beginning, but it will provide benefits and convenience in the future. In the absence of a questionable thing when the law alone has said “yes” to the business we run. So, consider the legal aspects of the business you are running, and feel the benefits.

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